One Year

One Year.

One year ago today I began a journey that has changed my life forever. One year ago today I started the Accelerator program at The eFactory in Springfield, Missouri, and this photo was my view for 12 solid weeks. 

I always thought of myself as more of an "intrapreneur." Somebody who has ideas, plans, and new initiatives within the greater structure of an existing organization. I still think that applies. However, it's amazing the difference that one vowel can make.

Thanks to the support of the leaders and mentors at The eFactory, we've been able to start something. We've been able to create a product that will help people become more intentional and consistent with the relationships that are important to them.

More than financial resources, The eFactory gave me a belief in myself. To have someone see something in you, affirm you, and invest in changes you. It sparks an inner confidence that wasn't there before. 

I've come a long way in the past year, but I'm still very much at the beginning of my journey. I'm excited to see where this road leads, and I know I have the support of an incredible community behind me. The eFactory shared ideas, resources, support, mentors, but most importantly, they shared their "e." They gave me the tools and confidence to go from intrapreneur to "e"ntrepreneur, and for that, I'll be forever grateful.

Here's to the next year.

Keep Hustling!

-Hector (founder)

Feedback Leads to Features

Thank you.

Thank you for providing excellent feedback that can directly guide our progress in developing new features that are beneficial to you. From the "Add to Calendar" link we added last month to the weekly email reminder we added just a few weeks ago, the development of the Let's Do Lunch app is tied directly to the feedback our users give us.

That brings us to the latest feature we are adding. Quite frankly, this one is pretty exciting to us because of the future that could follow. So many of our users have told us they would love the ability to chat through the app, or add to calendar through the app, or share notes through the app. Essentially, what our users are saying is they want to be able to connect with each other through the app.

We hear you.

So, we have begun wading into the waters of this inter-app connectivity. After your next update, when you add a meeting through the app with someone else who also has the app, that person will be able to see the meeting as well. And vice versa. 

Seemingly basic stuff, but exciting for us to open this door to future chat, scheduling, and general sharing features that could come....if you want them. 

Tell a friend to download the Let's Do Lunch app and test out the new feature. In doing so you will help us make it better, and you'll have a great lunch and make an important relationship better for yourself too.

Do you have more feedback? Please share it with us by emailing or taking our user survey.

Keep Hustling!

-Let's Do Lunch team

We're Still Here!

What a busy few months it has been. We've heard great stories of stronger relationships being built through the Let's Do Lunch app. We've received some excellent feedback and suggestions from users and supporters like you. We've been hard at work continuing to develop an app that will help all of us be more intentional with the relationships that are important to us.

By the way, you may have had a few notifications and emails flood your phone and inbox recently. That was us. Sorry about that. We found a fun little bug in the system, fixed it, and flooded your inbox.

Which brings us to the updates we've been working on. You may have noticed that we added a link for you to text an invitation as an ICS file. We've updated that feature, and are pretty excited about it. The feature we're most excited about is the addition of an automated weekly email.

Beginning this week, you will receive an email giving you a snapshot of your upcoming week. Like a personal assistant, we will let you know what meetings you have coming up and what action items you still have to complete. Because building relationships takes work, people are worth it, and we're here to help you make it all happen.

Keep Hustling!

-Let's Do Lunch team

New Updates!

Since the conclusion of the Accelerator program at Demo Day, we have been hard at work reviewing the feedback we have received from over 200 users who have already downloaded the app. That feedback, along with a review of our desires for the core functionality of the app, has resulted in some very exciting updates we are incorporating in the next version of the Let's Do Lunch app. Our friends at SOLA Digital are awesome.

If you provided feedback, thank you. We listened, and here are some of the exciting updates you can expect. You will definitely want to make sure you get the update as soon as possible.

-Add Let's Do Lunch meetings right to your calendar from a text message or email through the automatically created .ics link

-Receive an email reminder with information about "The Week Ahead" so you know what meetings are coming up.

-Improved location functionality to assist in finding restaurants

-You can now select the default calendar you want us to use in assisting to set up your meetings

-General bug and crash fixes

Our goal is to continually listen to our users to make Let's Do Lunch the best tool for being intentional in your important relationships. You can email us, rate us on Google Play or the App store, or fill out this survey to give us a deeper level of feedback.

Keep Hustling!

-Let's Do Lunch team

Here. We. Are

Well, here we are.

3 months.

12 weeks.

84 days.

That's how long this Accelerator program has been. At times it felt like forever. Other times it felt like a flash. The entire time we felt grateful. Grateful for the opportunity. Grateful for the resources. Most of all, grateful for the people. After all, that's what it's all about....people.

To the leadership of the Accelerator and the eFactory, we are thankful. They believed in us and offered us a once in a lifetime opportunity before we even had anything. No revenue. No app. No company. All we had was a simple idea, with a whole lot of passion. (And now we have an app that you can download here.)

To our Accelerator compatriots, we are thankful. Their feedback has been tremendous in helping us develop on so many different levels. It is a bittersweet time for us knowing that we won't get to interact with them as regularly as we've gotten used to. But we think there's an app to help us continue developing those relationships.

To our lead mentor, Josh Holstein from CellARide, and the rest of the mentors who have shared with us throughout the program, we are thankful. Their feedback has been an integral component that has contributed to where we are in the development of our company and our product. 

Lastly, to our beta testers and early adopters, we are thankful. The response we've gotten to this idea has been incredible. Hundreds of people have signed on to help us launch this app, and the feedback has been tremendous. We are so excited to continue listening to our users and working to provide a tool that benefits them.

Because of this Accelerator program, we are now at the starting line, poised and ready to run our race.

We hope you can join us for Demo Day tomorrow (May 1) at 10am in the Gallery at the Gillioz Theatre in downtown Springfield, Missouri. If not, you can definitely find it online. We will also make sure to post our presentation when it's all said and done. 

We are looking forward to finishing this Accelerator program strong. And we firmly believe, the best is yet to come, thanks to so many of you.

Keep Hustling!

-Let's Do Lunch team

Week 12

The Final Week is Here. 

You might say its the Final Countdown. You're Welcome.

In just 12 short weeks we've gone from some chicken scratch on some wireframing templates that showed how we thought the app should work to a fully developed mobile application that is primed to help you be intentional with your important relationships. I actually have the first build of the app on my phone. Right. Now. It's beautiful, but we're a little biased. 

We're working through the process of getting it approved and available in the App Store and in Google Play. If you're already a part of the Lunch Crowd, you already knew that. If you're not a part of the Lunch Crowd, sign up here

What an experience this Accelerator program has been. We've met so many incredible people who have directly contributed to the development of this idea into a full blown app. We hope you can join us for Demo Day to hear more about our experience and celebrate with us. You can attend in person or join us online on May 1 at 10am in The Gallery at the Gillioz Theatre in Springfield, Missouri. RSVP on Facebook here. Consider this your personal invitation.

There will be more shout outs to come, for sure, but we have to acknowledge the team that joined us in building this app, SOLA Digital. Like their Facebook page here. If you're looking for app developers, look no further. Incredible guys with incredible talent. The best is yet to come for us with them on our side.

Lastly, make sure you're following us on Twitter and Facebook as we plan to launch the app this week. We'll probably post about it a little bit. It's going to be YUGE!

Keep Hustling!

-Let's Do Lunch team

Week 11

The clock is counting down to Demo Day, and we are kicking it into high gear to finish strong. We have over 250 leaders who have joined the Lunch Crowd as beta testers, and we're looking for another 250 to get us to our goal of 500 by Demo Day. If you have not yet signed up to be a beta tester for the Let's Do Lunch app, you can do it easily right HERE

Word on the street is that the beta version will be ready...This. Week. Yeah, this is happening. We are so excited to finally get it out to our Lunch Crowd and get some valuable feedback. 

Interestingly, we just saw ANOTHER study, this time in the Harvard Business Review, that supports the kind of interactions we're trying to facilitate. The title of the article sums it up well, "A Face-to-Face Request Is 34 Times More Successful than an Email." We love reading about that stuff. It is so affirming to know that what we are trying to do is backed up over and over again by science. We all know real human interaction is important and meaningful, but it's so easy to let distractions keep us from making it happen. 

That's where we come in. We use technology to get you out from behind a screen and face to face with people. So sign up to join the Lunch Crowd, then tell your friends to join too because screens are great, but faces are better. 

Keep Hustling!

-Let's Do Lunch team

Week 10

We are days away from having the Let's Do Lunch app ready for beta testing, and we're thrilled at the response so far. We have hundreds of people who have joined the Lunch Crowd and signed up to be beta testers! Our goal is to have a few hundred more sign up by Demo Day on May 1.

The early wireframes of the app are incredible. If you haven't yet signed up to beta test the app, you can do so here. You're going to want to join the Lunch Crowd and be a part of this early launch. We need your thoughts and perspective to continue to build an excellent product that will be truly useful to you. 

With only three weeks left in the Accelerator program, we are hard at work preparing for Demo Day and beyond. We look forward to taking a breath during Demo Day, then getting right back to continue the hustle. We hope you can join us either in person or online to celebrate all the progress we, and all of the companies in the program with us, have made in just 12 short weeks. It's going to be an inspiring day with some impressive announcements. Oh, and it's kicking off the official Small Business Week here in Springfield. Which is so fitting for the awesome community we are fortunate enough to have launched in.

Until then....

Keep Hustling!

-Let's Do Lunch team

Week 9

We have one month left in the Accelerator program, and that's no April Fool's joke.

In case you missed it, this past week was very busy for us. We were featured in the Startup Corner in the Springfield Business Journal, and we shared this video to help spread the word about Let's Do Lunch. We're very excited about the response to both, and we are working to continue growing our Lunch Crowd. What is the "Lunch Crowd?" We're so glad you asked...

The Lunch Crowd is our insider group of beta testers who are committed to helping us build a tool that will help them become more intentional and organized with the relationships that are important to them. If you aren't in the Lunch Crowd, we certainly want you to be. You can sign up right now on the Join Us page. The commitment for the Lunch Crowd is simply to tell us what you think of the look and feel of the app, add a few people, let the app guide you through scheduling lunch with them, and tell us what you think. That's it.

As we turn our full attention to preparing for Demo Day (you're invited btw), we need your help connecting with someone in particular. If you haven't read the book Never Eat Alone, we would highly recommend it. It was recommended to our founder halfway through this Accelerator program (thanks, Jami!), and it was incredibly affirming and insightful. Which brings us to our final request. If you know the author, Keith Ferrazzi, would you be so kind as to introduce us? We would be grateful and humbled for the opportunity to build a relationship with him. If you would like to help with this, please comment on this post or email our founder, Hector Cruz. 

Keep Hustling!

-Let's Do Lunch team

Week 8

Beta testing. Beta testing. Beta testing.

If you haven't heard, we are close to having our beta version of the app ready, and we need YOU to join us in being a beta tester. Click over to the Join Us page to sign up really quick. Name, email, and you're done. Click Here to do it.

We'll wait for you to come back....


Thanks! It's been a busy week for all of us in the Accelerator. If you haven't heard yet, our friends over at Reaction Surveys launched their app this week. Download it, get some food, give some feedback, and save some money. You're welcome.

Also, we were featured in this week's Startup Corner in the Springfield Business Journal. So grateful for that opportunity to expand our reach with such a great publication like the SBJ.

We're moving downhill toward Demo Day, and the excitement in the Accelerator space is growing. It's time for us to narrow our focus, buckle down, and reach those milestones we've been striving for throughout the program. With your help, we'll take a big step toward those goals this week with our beta testing. We're glad you're joining us for the ride.

Keep Hustling!

-Let's Do Lunch Team