Week 3

Now that week 2 is finished, we are starting to understanding the groove of the accelerator program. Granted, the “groove” feels more like a mosh pit where all you are really trying to do is stay on your feet and away from the big sweaty dude aimlessly flailing his arms, but it’s a groove nonetheless.

With every passing day the team-oriented attitude of everyone in this community, the eFactory community and the Springfield community, becomes more and more evident and astonishing. We business younglings in this cohort of the accelerator are in a building surrounded by other business younglings that have startups and small businesses they are developing with a million things on their plates. Yet, despite all of that, these people are consistently stopping in, giving up their time, energy, and ideas to help us find our footing. Who does that? Seriously?

When people think of business, the common phrases that come to mind are “Dog eat dog,” “Fend for yourself,” or “Look out for #1.” Not here. Not in this program. Not at the eFactory. Not in this community. For example, we had a business owner from cohort #1, which concluded less than six months ago spend over two hours with us telling us his story and answering our questions! (Thanks, Jason! https://eaglespeak.net/) Another day we had an accountant from one of the top 10 accounting firms in the country give up multiple hours on multiple days just to help us with accounting basics, give us ideas about our business, and help us troubleshoot problems we were facing. IT’S TAX SEASON, YOU GUYS! (Thanks, Jim! http://www.bkd.com/) Not to mention the lead mentor assigned to our company who is in a pretty important phase of his own startup. He will stop what he’s doing at the drop of a hat, take a call at 7:00 at night, and share more than he has to just to answer a simple question for us. (Thanks, Josh! http://www.cellaride.com/)

If you can’t tell, we are deeply humbled to be a part of this community. Our hunger for success continues to grow as we dream of being able to be in a position to give back just like those that have gone before us are doing each and every day.

Here’s to Week 3. Big things are in store.

-Let’s Do Lunch Team