Week 4

25% complete.

We can hardly believe we are already a quarter of the way through this accelerator program. These first three weeks have been a whirlwind of lots of work, excellent ideas, little sleep, incredible presenters, and a ton of excitement for the future that lies before us.

Three weeks in and we have reached a point now where the rubber meets the road. A lot of internal and foundational work has been done to establish important pieces like mission, vision, values, target markets, and buyer personas. Now it's time to get out there and start engaging the community and incorporating their voice into the development of the app.

To start, you can help us in a huge way by taking a short survey here: Lunch Habits Survey

Our goal is to have more than 300 responses by March 24. So, especially if you are in the Springfield, MO area, please take this survey and encourage your friends to share their feedback too. Your voice is a critical piece to building an app that will serve you best.

We feel strongly that we are building a tool that will help people take important steps forward with their ability to build relationships that are lasting and meaningful. The resources in this accelerator are definitely helping us achieve that goal more quickly and efficiently...which is kinda the point.

Each week, when we hear an update on the progress from the fellow members in our cohort, our hunger for success and excellence grows. We hope to inspire and motivate our fellow cohort members as much as they inspire and motivate us.

Until next week, keep hustling.

-Let's Do Lunch Team