Week 8

Beta testing. Beta testing. Beta testing.

If you haven't heard, we are close to having our beta version of the app ready, and we need YOU to join us in being a beta tester. Click over to the Join Us page to sign up really quick. Name, email, and you're done. Click Here to do it.

We'll wait for you to come back....


Thanks! It's been a busy week for all of us in the Accelerator. If you haven't heard yet, our friends over at Reaction Surveys launched their app this week. Download it, get some food, give some feedback, and save some money. You're welcome.

Also, we were featured in this week's Startup Corner in the Springfield Business Journal. So grateful for that opportunity to expand our reach with such a great publication like the SBJ.

We're moving downhill toward Demo Day, and the excitement in the Accelerator space is growing. It's time for us to narrow our focus, buckle down, and reach those milestones we've been striving for throughout the program. With your help, we'll take a big step toward those goals this week with our beta testing. We're glad you're joining us for the ride.

Keep Hustling!

-Let's Do Lunch Team