Feedback Leads to Features

Thank you.

Thank you for providing excellent feedback that can directly guide our progress in developing new features that are beneficial to you. From the "Add to Calendar" link we added last month to the weekly email reminder we added just a few weeks ago, the development of the Let's Do Lunch app is tied directly to the feedback our users give us.

That brings us to the latest feature we are adding. Quite frankly, this one is pretty exciting to us because of the future that could follow. So many of our users have told us they would love the ability to chat through the app, or add to calendar through the app, or share notes through the app. Essentially, what our users are saying is they want to be able to connect with each other through the app.

We hear you.

So, we have begun wading into the waters of this inter-app connectivity. After your next update, when you add a meeting through the app with someone else who also has the app, that person will be able to see the meeting as well. And vice versa. 

Seemingly basic stuff, but exciting for us to open this door to future chat, scheduling, and general sharing features that could come....if you want them. 

Tell a friend to download the Let's Do Lunch app and test out the new feature. In doing so you will help us make it better, and you'll have a great lunch and make an important relationship better for yourself too.

Do you have more feedback? Please share it with us by emailing or taking our user survey.

Keep Hustling!

-Let's Do Lunch team