We're Still Here!

What a busy few months it has been. We've heard great stories of stronger relationships being built through the Let's Do Lunch app. We've received some excellent feedback and suggestions from users and supporters like you. We've been hard at work continuing to develop an app that will help all of us be more intentional with the relationships that are important to us.

By the way, you may have had a few notifications and emails flood your phone and inbox recently. That was us. Sorry about that. We found a fun little bug in the system, fixed it, and flooded your inbox.

Which brings us to the updates we've been working on. You may have noticed that we added a link for you to text an invitation as an ICS file. We've updated that feature, and are pretty excited about it. The feature we're most excited about is the addition of an automated weekly email.

Beginning this week, you will receive an email giving you a snapshot of your upcoming week. Like a personal assistant, we will let you know what meetings you have coming up and what action items you still have to complete. Because building relationships takes work, people are worth it, and we're here to help you make it all happen.

Keep Hustling!

-Let's Do Lunch team