One Year

One Year.

One year ago today I began a journey that has changed my life forever. One year ago today I started the Accelerator program at The eFactory in Springfield, Missouri, and this photo was my view for 12 solid weeks. 

I always thought of myself as more of an "intrapreneur." Somebody who has ideas, plans, and new initiatives within the greater structure of an existing organization. I still think that applies. However, it's amazing the difference that one vowel can make.

Thanks to the support of the leaders and mentors at The eFactory, we've been able to start something. We've been able to create a product that will help people become more intentional and consistent with the relationships that are important to them.

More than financial resources, The eFactory gave me a belief in myself. To have someone see something in you, affirm you, and invest in changes you. It sparks an inner confidence that wasn't there before. 

I've come a long way in the past year, but I'm still very much at the beginning of my journey. I'm excited to see where this road leads, and I know I have the support of an incredible community behind me. The eFactory shared ideas, resources, support, mentors, but most importantly, they shared their "e." They gave me the tools and confidence to go from intrapreneur to "e"ntrepreneur, and for that, I'll be forever grateful.

Here's to the next year.

Keep Hustling!

-Hector (founder)